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  • EconoClear Clear PVC Curtains

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    Covertex EconoClear PVC Plastic Curtains are the flexible solution for a multitude of screening applications in the workplace. Common uses where curtains are often applied include dust prevention for stock / supplies & spray protection to washdown zones.

  • HF welded reinforced Tab Eyelets

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    HF welded reinforced Tab Eyelets for side fixing.



Australian Made

EconoClear Curtains are custom manufactured to order.

Material Construction

Curtains are manufactured from ‘Achilles’ Clear PVC for maximum flexibility & clarity.

Top attachment Jaw Hems are manufactured from high tenacity PVC/ Polyester Reinforced Vinyl and are permanently bonded to the screens utilising HF Welding to achieve maximum strength for extended service life.

Curtains are custom fitted with top Brass Spur Washers at nomininal 450mm centres to enable a variety of suspension hardware to be optioned.

Kit Supply

Each curtain is supplied in documented kit format to provide for rapid site installation processes that can be completed by semi-skilled labour.

Optional Suspension Arrangements
Tension Wire / Links
Pipe Rail / Rings
Roller / Track
Item Description
Material Achilles' Clear PVC - 0.50mm / 0.75mm / 1.00mm
Top Hems 50mm Jaw CTX 650 gsm FR PVC/Poly - HF Welded
Eyelets SP4 Brass - Spur @ Nom 450mm Centres
Join Welds 25mm Horizontal - High Frequency Welded
Side Eyelet Tabs HF 50mm Jaw CTX 650 w/ SP4 Eyelet - 2 per Side